budda2Is Hypnosis the Same as Sleeping?

No. Don’t be misled by its Chinese translation. When you are being hypnotized, you will enter a trance state, which is similar to the moment when we are falling asleep, however, you can listen, talk and respond to hypnotist as usual, to which you are unable to do so when you are asleep.

Can All the People be Hypnotized?

Not really. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, prior approval has to be obtained from the subject as no one can be hypnotized by force.

Should a Pendulum be Used?

Not a must. A skillful hypnotherapist can lead you to hypnotic state merely by body gestures or language skills. Tools like crystal or pendulum just help to facilitate the process.

Will I Wake Up After Being Hypnotized?

Sure. Hypnotist will lead you out of hypnosis and bring you back to consciousness when it is done. But some of my clients just claim that they feel so comfortable under hypnosis and don’t want to wake up!!!

How to Choose a Hypnotherapist?

Should choose one with reliable professional qualifications. There is no official body censors the training and registration of hypnotherapists in HK, therefore, their standards could be quite fluctuate. Certified or Clinical Hypnotherapists with accreditations from hypnotherapist organizations in the United States or UK are better choices. Some prestigious well-known organizations include:

* American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
* National Guild of Hypnotists Inc
* International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

lightPeople With Strong Will Power are More Difficult to be Hypnotized?

No. The factor that decides whether a person is easily to be hypnotized or not is his imagination (suggestibility), rather than the level of his will power. You can also increase your suggestibility by doing more practice.

Will I Be Totally Controlled by Hypnotherapist?

No. It is a wrong perception to think that a hypnotist can control other’s mind and force the latter to disclose his deepest secret. During hypnosis, you have absolute control and can decide what to do and what to say. You can also stop the hypnosis anytime you like.

How Long Do I Need to Solve the Problem?

Depends on the duration and how serious the problem is. Generally speaking, it takes about 3 to 4 sections, each section takes about 1 hour. Complicated case tends to take longer.