About the Centre

The Centre

bhutanAlive is established in 2005. It is an enthusiastic healing centre with a view to providing and promoting hypnotherapy and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy services in Hong Kong in a fun and enjoyable way.

It is catered for people who are interested in and/or looking for assistance in self-improvement in body, mind and soul.

Alive promotes the idea that hypnotherapy is not something weir and mysterious. Indeed, it has noticeable therapeutic effects in relaxation, managing stress, solving emotional and behavioral problems, eliminating negative thoughts, achieving self-understanding and self-awakening, which you and I will come across easily in our daily lives.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for any person who is looking for self-improvements. After a hypnotherapy session, you will find yourself refreshed, charged with energy and are ready to face what is laying on in your life again.

The Philosophy

gon1Alive means Active and Lively.
It represents that life should be filled with Passion and Vitality.

I strongly believe that:-
• Every person can achieve self-improvement. Believe in yourself and develop your potential.
• Be honest and act according to your true self.
• Chances are always there if you adopt a positive attitude.
• Treasure and live in the here and now.

Take the First Step

glassA glass is half-full or half-empty depends on how you perceive it; whether you can make changes also depends on how determined you are to put them into action. Since the objective conditions cannot be altered, why don’t you tune your mentality and face them in a positive way? Take it easy. Try to listen to your inner desires, maintain a balance between your work and family life, release the pressure you encounter, make yourself fill with passion and vitality.

Alive as Your Soul Mate

Alive is willing to be your partner and help you through meaningful moments in your life. No matter it is pure relaxation, just to enjoy the comfort and fun when one’s mind is in deep relaxation, want to explore the subtle messages of your subconscious, recover from broken love affairs, settle mind and body problems caused by pressure, understanding meaning of dreams, increase self awareness or achieve personal growth, it is our pleasure to be there for you.

Alive’s professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist is very experienced. She will create a suitable atmosphere, leading you to an unforgettable journey to your inner world where changes happen.

restaurantAlive Healing Centre

Address : 8/F, Commercial Building, 110 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel : 9014-3122
Email : info@bealive.hk

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