About The Therapist

Serina MAK

ormondClinical Hypnotherapist (ACHE)
Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist
Bachelor of Arts (University of Hong Kong)
Masters of Arts in Recreation and Sports Management

Academic Background

Serina got her professional qualification as Clinical Hypnotherapist from the famous Hypnotherapy Training Institute (HTI) in the USA, under the supervision of Randal Churchill, Marleen Mulder and legendary Dean of Hypnotherapy Mr Ormond McGill and Gil Boyne.

She further went to Nepal and studied Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy with Ram Shrestha. She creatively combined Hypnotherapy with Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and created “Hypno-Singing Bowl Therapy“, which she taught in Master Class in HTI in 2013.

Professional Qualifications

TC2◎ Certified Hypnotherapist – International Hypnotherapy Assn (2004)
◎ Certified Hypnotherapist – HTI & American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) (2005)
◎ Clinical Hypnotherapist – HTI & ACHE (2007)
◎ Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist – Kathmandu Centre of Healing (2010)

Serina is a cheerful, creative and optimistic person, who is willing to listen and pay attention to details. She has years of hands-on experience in education, creative production and investigation. She has abundant experience in handling people from all walks of life.

Serina is strong in communication, analytical power, critical thinking, especially in handling stress and pressure. The clients served by Serina include students (primary, secondary and tertiary), teacher, social worker, house wife, reporter, banking officer, financial planner, accountant, designer, human resources director, flight attendant, company proprietor, producer, artist, model, engineer, retired and many others.

gon1Serina wishes to promote hypnotherapy and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy in HK and let people know more about them. She also believes that life should be simple and happy. She wants to encourage more people to treasure the present moment and live in the here and now.

Overseas Experiences


  • concert23/2014 – Revive, Shunde
    Set up Revive Healing Centre in Shunde, China, to provide hypnotherapy and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy services
  • 12/2013 – Private Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Training, USA
    Invitation to teach Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Training Class
  • 10/2013 – Hypnotherapy Training Institute, USA
    Be the first Visiting Lecturer from Asia to teach for HTI. Contents of the Master Class included: Hypno-Singing Bowl Therapy and Tibetan Singing Bowl Mini Concert
  • 4/2012 – Punatsangchhu Cottages, Bhutan
    Be the first hypnotherapist to provide company training, healingin services and Tibetan Singing Bowl Mini Concerts in Bhutan.


From USA

Serina Mak is an excellent hypnotherapist who has effectively integrated her skilled use of Tibetan Singing Bowls into her successful practice. She demonstrated the value of these combined modalities as a guest instructor of our graduate Master Class, and was very impressive as an teacher. The depth of her knowledge was evident during her lectures in which she covered a lot of information efficiently, and she showed a range of uses of the bowls in fascinating demonstrations with four grateful volunteers.

Randal Churchill

Founder and Director, Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Past President, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Author, Regression Hypnotherapy and Become the Dream


From Bhutan

This is my first experience of the hypnosis therapy and it has been a wonderful one. Serina makes the environment conducive, very welcoming, open for the client to be able to achieve the objective.

She is well versed at what she does and it has been a very relaxing and soothing experience.

Her skill and knowledge about the hypnotherapy is vast and is well communicated to the guests.

I wish her the very best.

Tshering Palden

General Manager, Punatsangchhu Cottages, Bhutan