Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

What is Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

nepal2Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy is an ancient healing art orginates from Tibet. Tibetan Singing Bowls are made from 7 metals from Himalaya: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin & lead. The shape, size and composition of metal of each bowls are different, each of them creates different harmonics and resonance corresponding to different chakras (center of energy) .

Tibetan Singing Bowls are previously used in Tibet for meditation and ceremonial purposes. Subsequently, Tibetan monks discovered the therapeutic effects of these bowls in chakra balancing and body healing.

Tibetan believes that through the vibration and resonance of singing bowls, one can be in tune with the frequency with nature and the universe. Their powerful vibration and resonance penetrates deep into body cells and organs. Blocked energy is released. Blood-circulation and the nervous system receive a new dynamic stimulation, problems with muscles, digestion and nerves can be reduced and even ceased.

How Tibetan Singing Bowl Works

SBNot all singing bowls are suitable for healing. Only good quality handmade antique bowls has therapeutic effects.

During the therapy, the bowl will be placed near and/or on top of the 7 chakras as needed.

By hitting and rimming it with a beater and a leather stick, the singing bowl will produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonances and rich overtones. This will resonance with your body cells and organs and helps to release blocked energy in your chakras and bring the body back to alignment.

The sound vibrations are transmitted into your blood, organs, tissues, and cellular membranes through the 70% water in your system. Energy balance is set free. Blood-circulation and the nervous system receive a new dynamic stimulation, problems with muscles, digestion and nerves can reduce and even cease.

Your Feelings will be…

SB5People have different feelings depend on their sensitivities and individual physical, mental and spiritual conditions.

Good quality Tibetan Singing Bowls produce soothing and calming sounds that invoke a deep state of relaxation. This makes one feels peaceful and calm like staying in a temple. Some people will fall asleep and get their chakras balanced, stress reduced and energy cleansed by the sound. They will wake up feeling refresh and energize.

Apart from the spiritual aspect, people benefit from the tender, deep and comfortable massage of the vibration. The sound automatically goes to parts of the body where healing is needed. People may have feelings like tingling, itching, pain, numb, warmth, etc. in parts of their bodies where healing occur. People with higher sensitivity can even feel the energy running like a stream inside the body. This is an extraordinaly experience that you can hardly find in other therapies.

Effects of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

Activate blood circulation, arrhythmia, headache, chest pain, back pain, lower back pain, stomachache, digestive problems, constipation, recovery after stroke, balancing hemispheres of the brain, tinnitus, etc.

Mind and Soul:-
Insomnia, anxiety, depression, relaxation, stress, self-centering, balancing, calming, concentration, imagination, memory, etc.